Monday, November 19, 2012

It only took months...

But, I finally finished the L2 bag!   I purchased it at Bolt right  after reading a review by Hannah on their blog and deciding I had to have it.  This one is for my mom, but I plan on making one for myself later on.

Pattern:  L2 Bag by The Sewing Workshop 
Time:  <20 min. to cut (about 8 of those playing hide and seek with rotary cutter) 4 hours sewing time
Make again?:  Yes!  It's like a fancy tote, but with millions (4) pockets.   One for me, and more as gifts.
Changes:  I did not fold the handles in half and sew like it said because I think it is more comfortable as is.  Also, per Hannah's suggestion, added half a yard extra of webbing.  Any other changes were unintentional since I decided I could do markings in my head ;).  It worked, a little.


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